I'm an advocate for people who stutter.

I‘ve been dealing with stuttering as far back as I can remember. And it sucks. It really does. A lot of people don’t understand stuttering and the people it affects, and that needs to change. Because when people don’t understand it, they’re often mean to people who stutter. Most of that likely comes from confusion, but sometimes people treat us terribly.

I know some people who have tried to commit suicide because of how horribly they’ve been treated.

That needs to stop, which is why I decided to make it one of my ongoing service projects to educate others about stuttering.

I’ve created a short documentary about stuttering, and I’ve given several presentations since fifth grade. I hope to continue to spread awareness through what I post on this website and by reaching new audiences with my message.

Please share my video with other people and help bring awareness to this cause.

On stuttering.

Please share this video and help me spread my message.

I hope my work is an encouragement, and not just to those who stutter. Like Mr. Housel said in the documentary, we all have something we struggle with. But that struggle can become our greatest source of strength when we educate others about it and take a stand.

If you do stutter, I want you to know you are not alone. You have a voice.

Here are some great resources for people who stutter and their families: