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Engagement, engagement, engagement!

I love an audience that wants to hear more. I read and respond to all of my emails, and while I can’t promise a response within a few hours I can promise a response within 24 hours.

One of the goals of this website is to be in conversation with its readers. I want this to be an open-source project, so don’t be shy!

What you can contact me about

Let me know how I’m doing.

I’m open to suggestions and critiques of all kinds. If you’d like to see anything on my website that isn’t already there or want to see the information presented differently, let me know. If you’re confused about any of my posts or anything I do, just ask!

Sharing my work

I love it when people share my work!

If you really like a post or my website, tell people about it and tell them why you like it. 

Feel free to share my work non-commercially as much as you wish (just make sure to put a link back to my website).

As for commercial sharing, please fill out the contact form or email me and we’ll talk about it. I’m open to people commercially sharing my work as long as they cite me and let me know first. 

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